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5-Mile Course Description

As Told by the Legendary Greg Bell (Turkey Trot Director, 2014-19) :-)

  • The course runs straight from the start for 1/4 mile before crossing over rail road tracks. Please be careful! Warren Buffett has promised a closed track *but* if you hear whistles and clanging bells: STOP!
  • At 1/3 of a mile, the course turns 90 degrees right. Last year worked because people were courteous and careful so thank you! Please do just as you did last year. :-)
  • At 1/2 mile the course turns left, this is where your hill begins. Yes, it gets bigger from here, although when asked last year most runners replied, “What Hill?”
  • This is where the fun starts, turn right onto Vanguard and continue up what passes for a hill in Miamisburg. The summit is the 1 mile mark!
  • You may now start your long, lazy descent for entire next mile.
  • At 2 miles, turn left onto Dixie Highway. PLEASE stay on the LEFT side of the road. This is the only section with two-way traffic and it's only 300 feet, but it's very crowded.
  • Back at the start-line, you will turn left and go a quick 2 blocks. Now make a quick right onto Miami Avenue where, if you look, this year you will see the finish banner!
  • At the finish you will have 1-milers on your left, so please stay right!
  • The FINISH is on Miami Avenue – so make sure you throw up your hands and whoop as you cross the mat.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You will have finished the 41st Annual ORRRC/City of Miamisburg Turkey Trot
  • If you want to do it again, sign up for the 2020 Turkey Trot, registration will open on July 1, 2020.
  • So, should we even call that a hill?
  • Go past the sewage treatment plant, because it would not be the Turkey Trot without a pass by the sewage treatment plant, and then continue to the far entrance (2nd) into Rice Field.
  • You are HALF WAY when you turn right into Rice Field. This is the only WATER STOP – but, there are Porta-Johns here too!
  • Continue into a lazy turn behind the ball fields. Here the course narrows and we have a TIMING MAT. Make sure you PASS OVER the mat, because if you do not, you will not have officially run the race.
  • Turn left back onto Dixie at the northern entrance next to the sewage treatment plant. PLEASE stay to your LEFT; this is the two-way section heading back.
  • You now have a straight shot all the way back to downtown. Make sure you stay right at the split in the road.