How can I confirm my entry?

Please visit https://secure.getmeregistered.com/confirm.php#top and enter your name to see if you're registered for this year's event!

Race Rules

Race Guidelines

All participants sign a waiver stating, “I understand that bicycles, skateboards, baby  joggers, roller skates or blades or animals are not allowed  in the race and I will abide by this guideline.  Use of headsets is strongly discouraged.”

Please adhere to these guidelines and follow all instructions from race officials.

Walking Strollers

As a family event, the Turkey Trot will allow participants to walk with strollers as long as you place yourself at the back of the green corral for the five mile event or at the back of the yellow corral for the one mile event. For the safety of your child as well as your fellow participants, absolutely no strollers of any kind will be allowed in the red or blue corrals.

Minimum Pace

In order to re-open the roads in a timely manner, if you have not reached Rt. 25 by 9:30 a.m. you will be directed north and will not pass through Rice Field. This point is approximately 2 1/4 miles into the race and would be a 22 minute per mile pace. Thank you for your cooperation.


Where do I park?

Tough question!  The best advice is to plan to arrive in downtown early.  If you arrive after 7:30am it will be very tough to find a spot.  You can find helpful instructions the "Parking and Traffic" section of this website!

When are roads closed, and which roads?

Please see our "Parking and Traffic" page for more information on when roads close for the race.


The bib with your race number on it has your timing chip attached to the back.  It also contains important information for safety and identification. Please pin this on the front of your outermost garment.  It will record the time as you cross the mats at the start, midpoint and finish of the race.  Your chip/bib does not have to be returned at the end of the race.

What does the red/blue/green/yellow turkey on my bib mean?

This is your assigned corral, based on your projected finish time.  Please line up in the proper corral on race morning.  The corrals will be marked in the starting area with flags of correspondoing colors.  More information is directly below.  

What's the foam on the back of my bib?

This is your timing chip.  DON’T REMOVE IT! Please note, your race time starts when you cross the mat, not when the gun goes off.  Please start in your assigned corral and wait until it is your turn to start.

Race Start & Corrals

In order to safely accommodate our growing field of runners and walkers,  we have implemented a loop course which starts and finishes at Riverfront Park in downtown Miamisburg.  There is a railroad crossing at approximately ¼ mile.  Please use caution here!  There is a limited amount of time that we can keep these railroad tracks closed, therefore:


Corral FAQs

What are the starting times for each corral?

On race morning please find your way to your corral by 8:15 a.m.  The race starts at 8:30 a.m. (Note: Wheelchairs will start at 8:25 a.m.)

The first corral starts at 8:30am.  The subsequent corrals will start once everyone from the previous corral has crossed the start line and the folks in the next corral have all been moved into the start area.  More information is here!

What if I am fast but want to run with my family or a group of friends?

Sign up for the corral appropriate for the slowest person in your group.

What if I want to change corrals after I have registered?

If you decide this prior to November 15, let us know via email (orrrcturkeytrot@gmail.com ).  If it is after November 15, please go to the Trouble Table at packet pick-up on Sunday or Wednesday.

Corral Process

Corral Process

After opening ceremonies, there will be a horn start for the first corral. Once all of the runners in that corral have crossed the start line, runners from the next corral will be brought into the starting area and may begin running as they cross the start line. Once they have all crossed,  the third group will enter the starting area and begin running as they cross the start line.

PLEASE BE PATIENT!  It takes 3-5 minutes to clear each corral. Remember that your race time is kept by your chip and does not begin until you cross the mats under the start banner.  Please stay in your assigned corral and follow instructions so that you and your fellow 10,000 runners can have a safe and enjoyable race!

Place Yourself in the Right Corral

You will find a numbered turkey in the top corner of your race bib.  This indicates the corral you will be starting in.  Corrals will be marked with corresponding colored flags:  Red Corral = #1, Blue Corral = #2, Green Corral = #3, Yellow Corral = #4.

Please note, your time is kept by your chip (attached to the back of your bib), not the clock. If you get stuck in a slower corral, don’t panic and push, just run your race and let your chip do the timing. If you need to change your wave for any reason, please go to the “Trouble Table” at the expo for a change of corrals.

Red Turkeys with #1 will be in the red corral and are the first wave.  You expect to finish in less than 45 minutes. No one running over a 9-minute per mile pace should be in this corral. Please position yourselves with the sub-6 minute folks starting toward the front and the 8-minute-plus people toward the back. Red turkeys will start at 8:30 a.m.


Blue Turkeys with #2 will be in the blue corral 

Line up in the large parking lot at the corner of Linden Ave and Water Street.  The area will be marked with blue flags.  Blue corral individuals expect to finish between 45 minutes and 1 hour. No one expecting to run faster than a 9-minute pace or more than a 12-minute pace should be in this corral. Please position yourselves with the low-9-minute runners toward the front and the 12-minute runners toward the back. Once the red corral participants have all cleared the start line, the blue corral participants will WALK into the starting area and begin running as you cross the starting mats.

Green Turkeys with #3 will be the green corral  Line up in the large parking lot at the corner of Linden Ave and Water Street.  The area will be marked with green flags. Green corral members are expected to finish in more than one hour. This corral is also for anyone walking the race or groups wanting to stay together. After the blue corral folks start, you will saunter to the start line and begin running as you cross the starting mats.

ALL 5-MILERS must cross the start mat by 8:45. We are crossing over railroad tracks at ¼ mile and the train schedule allows us only 30 minutes. If you are running very late, do not try to beat a train.

Yellow Turkeys  (1-Milers)  Line up in the large parking lot at the corner of Linden Ave and Water Street.  The area will be marked with yellow flags. You will have your own gun (or horn) start, then proceed down Main Street and along the course. Note: as you finish please stay to the left side of Water Street and cross under the left side of the finish banner.

Shirts & Packet Pickup

Can I take a different shirt size than what I ordered?

You will be given the size you ordered when you pick up your packet.  If you want to change sizes, there are two opportunities to do so.
Big note: your shirt must not be worn!
First, go to late registration. You can trade for the size you want if any are still available.  If not, check back at the end of the race.  At that point we will release any shirts that were not picked up by pre-registered runners.

When is the last day to register that guarantees I'll get a shirt?

November 10th is the last day to register where we still guarantee you'll receive a shirt.  We will try our best for registrants after the deadline, but we cannot make guarantees.

Can I pick up someone else’s number & shirt?

Yes, but please make sure they know you are picking up for them!

Can I get previous years' shirts?

If there are any leftover shirts from previous years, you can purchase them at the race expo! The proceeds from the previous years' shirt sales are donated to our local food bank, so you can feel doubly good about buying them!

One-Mile Fun Run/Walk

How does the One Mile Fun walk/run work?

You will have your own corral and your own start, which will be after the final corral of five-milers have crossed the start line (approximately 8:45).  The course is an accurately measured mile, finishing in the same area as the five mile course.

One Mile Corral

Those in the one mile event will line up in the YELLOW corral which will be on Main Street facing south. The one mile course will be different, heading south on Main Street and making a loop back to the park.  You will join the five mile course for the last 200 yards and finish in the same spot. 

If I sign up for the 1-mile event, do I still get a shirt?

Yes - absolutely, as long as you're registered by all other applicable requirements (before the shirt deadline, you've paid, etc.)!

Race Results

Where I can I see my results?

You can see race results, and upload virtual race results, on our Results page!

Where can I upload my virtual race results?

You can upload your virtual race results using the website posted on our Results page!